Minutes of General Meeting – 11th January, 2010
Following the Annual General Meeting


1. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING    The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November, 2009 were agreed and signed as a true record.

(a)Toilets -  It was decided to hire two portaloos plus a disabled toilet for this year’s Show.
(b)Dog Show - Dawn Cochrane might not be available this year, but Lynne hoped that she would have help from Tracy Broadbent who was one of our regular competitors.  Trouble was being experienced in purchasing a show table, but Alan offered to make one if a photograph and details could be sent to him.
(c) Tents- It was suggested that we again hire the large tent which has been used for the Cookery, and not hire the small tent.  This was officially proposed by Lynne and Dick and agreed by the Committee.
(d)Food – Gwyneth and June are to meet with some of the people who supply food on the day and are hoping to arrange a package for this year.  The Hog Roast man will also be invited again.

(i)  Music – Derek had information about a Cajun group called the Flatville Aces Trio from Llansillin.  They were a good, foot-tapping group, who would be available on the day.   They charged £350 for two three quarter to an hour sessions.  June to follow up.
(ii)  Kaleidoscope had been booked again as had Jester, Jazz Band and the Folk Group.  All need confirming.
(iii)  Feelers need to be put out for demonstrators, flower arrangers, face painters etc.
(iv)  Bungee Run and Bouncy Castle to be booked again.

Suggestions were made for Judges for the 2010 Show.  These were as follows:-


HORTICULTURE:                                   Alec Birch
FLORAL ART:                                          Betty Jones
PATIO AND HOME:                                 Jill Rock
CRAFT:                                                       Helen Davies
WOODWORK:                                           Lee Kellaway
ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY:                     to arrange
COOKERY:                                                  “      “
CHILDREN’S CRAFTS:                          Miss Delyth Richards
DOG and PET SHOWS:                          Lynne and Dave to arrange.


June suggested that Shelly Wild be approached this year.   Dates to be considered were 15th or 22nd May.

A decision was made to have Tangerine orange as this year’s colour.
100 badges to be ordered.

(a) Gwyneth thanked the Committee for the card and flowers which she received during her recent illness.
(b) Gwyn requested, on behalf of the Llanfyllin Show, the loan of the newly purchased performance tent and stage at a realistic hire charge.  June reminded everyone that we had agreed that if we hired out this tent it had been agreed that we would erect and dismantle to avoid any damage; also that the stage belonged to the Memorial Hall and they would need to be asked.  Nita asked that we make sure it was covered on their insurance before any decision was made.

Date of next meeting: -  1st March 2010

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.20p.m.